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Investment Strategies

Pettee Investors believes that the most important factors in making recommendations or structuring a portfolio are the expressed investment objectives of the client. Pettee Investors does not believe, however, that investment objectives should be expressed in simple terms such as attempting to achieve maximum growth or maximum safety of capital. There is a wide range of risk-reward ratios between these two extremes, and each client should, with the help of Pettee Investors, attempt to choose an appropriate objective.

Pettee Investors, Inc. has two investment strategies:

  1. Large capitalization equities

  2. Medium sized companies

The strategy of Pettee Investors for the large and medium capitalization equity products is to primarily invest in U.S. growth companies that we believe to be of high quality and undervalued in the marketplace based on valuation metrics. Pettee Investors focuses on changes that are occurring within a company that will cause earnings growth to continue or accelerate over time.

Client portfolios are broadly diversified over many industry groups and individual securities. Investment decisions typically have a long term time horizon so portfolio turnover is relatively low.  Pettee Investors does not attempt to market time short term fluctuations in the market or economic conditions by frequent changes between equity holdings and cash.


Information on real estate investing, REIT strategy, and REIT research is offered by our affiliate Hoya Capital Real Estate LLC. Click here for more information.


All investment ideas are generated from a multitude of sources including meetings with company management, conference calls, company reports, brokerage firms, trade journals and business publications. Pettee Investors believes that fundamental analysis is the most important factor in selecting securities, however, “technical” or “chart” analysis is also considered.

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